, a Malaysian travel website, used FundIn to gather capital to

expand operations, increase market outreach activities and open a new branch in Australia.

RM2 million 300 

gathered with the help

of FundIn

travel agencies 

signed up on

new overseas branch

in a new market


Bridging travelers and agencies online

Based in Kuala Lumpur, aggregates the best travel packages offered by a large network of tour agencies. By connecting travelers with tour operators and travel agencies online, taps booming regional demand worth billions of ringgit every year.


Their Goal

Pioneering a new concept

In 2015, Packist needed funds to expand its operations, intensify promotional activities for its website and open a branch in Australia, one of Asia's hottest outbound tourism hotspots. As an industry pioneer, needed to scale quickly and maintain its market leadership position.


 The Solution

Raising Funds Through FundIn's Network Of Investors

FundIn's team of business and finance experts connected with a selected group of venture capitalists who saw the potential of the travel website. FundIn advised on the deal, ensuring the company acheived its fundraising targets and requirements. In exchange, the venture capitalists obtained a small stake in


Their Success

Increased Market Access, Ambitious New Targets raised 2 million ringgit in about 4 months. With more capital, the company was able to allocate funds for marketing and promotional activities and increase its network of travel agencies. In addition, now plans to establish operations in two different countries every year until 2018. The travel site has since achieved several new milestones, including:


• 44 million new website impressions in 2016

• 300 travel agencies that have signed up to list on

•, a branch of in Australia which caters to holidaygoers from Down Under


"We partnered with FundIn to get the funds we needed. With such an established base of investors and a solid track record, FundIn was our obvious choice."

Managing Director,

Packist's management team

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